Swimming pools in Australia

Once a luxury.

Swimming pools in Australia are fast becoming an outdoor and indoor home feature. Traditionally in-ground home swimming pools were thought of as a luxury for the “rich and famous”. But those days are long gone, today due to some innovative advances in pool design and technology costs have been reduced and the choice of sizes, shapes, and construction methods has increased substantially. Residential swimming pools in Australia are now an affordable recreation and decorative “Australian Backyard” feature.

A bit of history:

The Romans are known for their part in bringing heated pools and baths to the “surface” integrating culture with recreation as far back as 50 BC, however the modern public swimming pool did not become prevalent until the 1800’s. The popularity of swimming pools quickly rose after the inclusion of swimming as a sport in the 1896 Olympic Games.
Now swimming pools are more than just a summer pastime at the local pool, they have become a landscaping feature as well as a healthy recreation that can be enjoyed year round by all.

Roman bath style swimming pool
Roman bath style swimming pool

It’s your choice.

Because of the wide choice of types of residential swimming pools this website has been created to help the consumer make the right choice of the type of construction for their “Australian Backyard Swimming Pool” investment. The two types of swimming pools covered on this website are the most popular in in-ground swimming pools:

  • Concrete Pools.
  • Fibreglass Pools

The information provided here is factual and non biased so you can make an informative decision on which type will best suit your needs.


When it comes to swimming pools safety is paramount and takes priority, so a section has also been dedicated to some information on pool fencing to give you a general guide and point you in the right direction on the standards and laws in Australia for pool fencing.

More information.

Under the “Links” section you will find a range of links to help you find more information on owning a pool.

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